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WANTED: Free dogs near my area
Sm DOGs NOT to old!!! Prefer Male, if possible
Waterville, ME07/14/17
WANTED: small dog
I am looking for a small dog in Reedville VA. Either sex not more than 6 years old. Does not matter what breed or if it. . .
Reedville, VA07/13/17
WANTED: A two to three year old Daschund male dog
I want to buy a 2 to 3 male Daschund dog in Palm Beach County
West Palm Beach, FL07/11/17
WANTED: free birds parrots
Any age macaw african grey , myanh birds free to a good home or adoption or low price please, only some one that's serio. . .
Oak Park, MI07/11/17
WANTED: Free dogs near my area
I would like to fine a small dog that needs a loving home. . . . my dog just past away. . . . I am disabled but can care for a d. . .
Dubuque, IA07/10/17
WANTED: min pinchers
minuture pincher chawa puppy brown
Uniontown, PA07/10/17
WANTED: Free dogs near my area
A lab or german shepherd etc. No pitbulls , American bulldogs or small breeds plz.
West Palm Beach, FL07/4/17
WANTED: Female Himalayan or persian kitten (tortie or...
White lilac Persian or scottish teacup female kitten
City of Roseville, MI07/3/17
WANTED: Teacup Yorkie
would like to adopt for free a teacup puppy for my grandchild. I can not afford to buy. I'm disabled my sole income is . . .
Allentown, PA 1810207/2/17
puppy small breed
please call bill Quinn if you got a free puppy 503-263-1723
Enterprise, OR07/1/17
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