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WANTED: Free Poodles

Location: Phoenix, AZ
User: Anonymous
Published: 12/17/15

To Whom This May Enlighten The Most,
My beloved granny has been wanting an all white teacup/toy poodle puppy for over 25-30 years. She has never had one before but this type of breed had always been her dream pet since I was in my early years. My granny is my only parent. So this is something that I feel i need to do in a form of giving back for her sacrifice for me. She is getting older and needs a loving companion to keep her company and safe. Her birthday is on July 5th and she will be 78. I do not have a whole lot of money so its been difficult for her to even get one. She is on a low fixed income so most of her money goes to rent. the rest depends on my little income as well. so by the time we get done budgeting we don't even have enough to save towards a car. But no matter what i refuse to give up on her dream pet. I just want to see that smile on her beautiful face and the tears of happy pure joy from her blues eyes. This is something i have been wanting to do for her since i was 5. Of course what does a 5 year old know much about obtaining a puppy. I WILL WORK 2-3 JOBS IN ODER FOR HER TO GET HER DREAM PET. This is what helps me live day by day to see that smile i know will come about on her graceful face. It would absolutely mean the world to me if you can help me achieve this dream. I am looking for one that is free but will pay a little extra for i know the pup will be over loved and very well cared for. I even have stuff already for her dream pet.
-Sincerely With Puppy Paw Love,
Contessa & Alecia (My Grandma)

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