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All Pets in the US

WANTED: Maine Coon cats
im looking for Main Coon cats in Norwalk CT area. For sale;
Norwalk, CT09/14/14
Either puppy or rescue. I have a pug already and looking for a companion for her. Looking for preferably a female and fa. . .
Myrtle Beach, SC09/14/14
WANTED: Free Kittens
I am looking for a free kitten to add to my family
Bangor, ME09/14/14
WANTED: Free Puppies
Any small stature free puppies weaned female
Lubbock, TX09/14/14
WANTED: Brittany Spaniel
Want another Britt to keep my female 7 years old Britt company. Will accept dog who needs a home.
San Antonio, TX09/13/14
WANTED: Peekapoo Puppies
I'm looking black and white puppy,
Cameron, NC09/13/14
WANTED: Baby Kittens
Im Looking For A Baby Kitten For My Aunts Bday Next Week
Murfreesboro, TN09/13/14
Sphinx kittens
We have very healthy, sweet and very social Sphynx babies that are ready for homes. Kitten parents are scanned for HCM. . .
Las Vegas, NV09/12/14
WANTED: 4 or 5 year old Sheltie
I'd really like to find a sable & white Sheltie who needs a good home. There are no children here; just my husband and . . .
Springfield, MA09/12/14
WANTED: A Pit bull female pup.
I would like a Pit female pup. I have a female pit 4 years old. She needs a friend.
Nashville, TN09/12/14
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